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Samaritan Plastic Surgery is widely accepted as an outstanding plastic surgery clinic in the region.  We provide a wide selection of surgical procedures, including Abdominoplasty.  It is widely known that each of us possesses a level of beauty within us.  Even though there are many aspects to beauty, some individuals lack a level of self-confidence that would allow them to function as well as they would like in society.  Those people are frequently uncomfortable with their image, and would like to correct it.  This is when they contact the professionals at Samaritan Plastic Surgery.  Between Michael F. Killion, M.D., a leading board certified plastic surgeon, and the staff at Samaritan Plastic Surgery, we can change all of that for you!  Dr. Killion has been performing Tummy Tuck Surgery for more than two and a half decades.  Together with the help of his Samaritan Plastic Surgery staff, Dr. Killion is able help patients through all facets of their Tummy Tuck Surgery.  After consulting with Dr. Killion, you will   know precisely what to expect with your Mommy Makeover.  Sunnyvale patients understand that they can rely upon the staff at Samaritan Plastic Surgery to provide the compassionate and friendly care that is their hallmark.

Sunnyvale Tummy Tuck

Sunnyvale, also known as the City of Sunnyvale, has over 146,000 residents and is in Santa Clara County.  San Jose, the home to Samaritan Plastic Surgery, is conveniently located only 12 miles southeast of Sunnyvale.  Samaritan Plastic Surgery is known for providing its “Mommy Makeovers” at an affordable price.  Tummy Tuck Surgery is considered to be a smart and relatively inexpensive investment that Sunnyvale patients realize will not only augment their physical appearance, but their self-confidence as well.  Sunnyvale patients comprehend that Samaritan Plastic Surgery will do everything possible to guide them successfully through their Tummy Tuck Surgeries.  They also know that with their Mini Tummy Tuck, Dr. Killion will be providing their care before, during and after surgery.  In addition, 95% of Tummy Tuck procedures for Sunnyvale patients are conducted in the Samaritan Plastic Surgery Center.

Sunnyvale Mini Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty eliminates excessive fatty tissue and skin from our patients’ abdomens.  Many of the patients at Samaritan Plastic Surgery are repeats or referrals.  Regardless if they have learned about our procedures from family, friends or colleagues or they have formerly undergone a cosmetic procedure, patients have total trust in Samaritan Plastic Surgery’s ability to handle all of their Abdominoplasty needs.  Consequently, Dr. Killion and his staff are greatly esteemed and respected for their skills and expertise.  When it comes to Tummy Tuck Surgery, there is only one name you need to know– Samaritan Plastic Surgery!  For additional information about our Abdominoplasty and other procedures, call Samaritan Plastic Surgery at: (408) 356-0491, today.

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