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Samaritan Plastic Surgery offers a wide variety of cosmetic surgery options to its patients.  As one of the foremost plastic surgery clinics in the region, we understand that true beauty lies within us all.  Feeling beautiful has a great deal to do with being comfortable in your own skin.  For those of you who are not; it is about making the decision to invest in the necessary procedural changes that will help you have the looks you desire to enhance your level of self-confidence.  If you have always wanted to have Tummy Tuck Surgery, there is no time like the present to get in touch with Michael F. Killion, M.D., the board certified plastic surgeon at Samaritan Plastic Surgery in San Jose.  For over two and a half decades, Dr. Killion has been helping patients achieve their goals with Abdominoplasty.  It is no wonder that when Santa Cruz residents are searching for the most ethical, experienced and caring plastic surgeon in the area, they come directly to Dr. Killion at Samaritan Plastic Surgery.

Santa Cruz Tummy Tuck

Santa Cruz is a city in and the County Seat of Santa Cruz County.  With over 62,000 residents, Santa Cruz is also the largest city in the countySan Jose, the home to Samaritan Plastic Surgery is located 32 miles north of Santa Cruz.  In addition to Santa Cruz patients visiting Samaritan Plastic Surgery for a “Mommy Makeover” by Dr. Killion., they also prefer our facility because of our remarkable and extraordinary staff of professionals.  We are celebrated for meeting the needs of all of our Santa Cruz patients at a price they can afford.  Tummy Tuck Cost is a reasonable investment when Santa Cruz patients consider that it will not only enhance them physically, but it will also improve their emotional well-being. Santa Cruz patients can always count on us to help them determine what is in their best interests.  Further, Santa Cruz patients understand that when Dr. Killion performs a Mini Tummy Tuck, he will be the one who will be taking care of them before, during and after their surgery.  Moreover, 95% of the Tummy Tuck procedures on Santa Cruz patients are performed in the Samaritan Plastic Surgery Center.

Santa Cruz Mini Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty, frequently called a “Tummy Tuck” or a “Mommy Makeover,” is surgery that removes excessive fatty tissue and skin from the abdomen so it is firmer and flatter.  It isn’t unusual that many patients are repeat patients or new referrals.  They already know what a great and highly-skilled team Dr. Killion leads at Samaritan Plastic Surgery or they have heard from family, friends or colleagues about this unequaled team of experts.  Whatever the case, the results speak for themselves.  Dr. Killion and his staff are well-respected for their expertise and bed-side manner.  Patients have extreme confidence in the ability of Samaritan Plastic Surgery to take care of all of their Abdominoplasty needs.  Frankly, when it has to do with Tummy Tuck Surgery, you only need to know one name – Samaritan Plastic Surgery!  For more information about our Tummy Tuck procedures, call Samaritan Plastic Surgery at: (408) 356-0491, today.

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