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Samaritan Plastic Surgery provides a large number of cosmetic surgery options to its patients.  Clearly considered to be one of the leading plastic surgery clinics in the region, we are well aware that true beauty does, in fact, lie within all of us.  Feeling pretty or handsome has much to do with being contented in your own skin.  For those individuals who are not comfortable; it is about the moment you decide to invest in making the requisite changes that will help you get the looks you want to improve your self-image.  If you have determined that you need liposuction, there is no better time than “right now” to contact the offices of Michael F. Killion, M.D., the board-certified plastic surgeon at Samaritan Plastic Surgery in San Jose.  For more than 25 years, Dr. Killion has been assisting patients reach their objectives with non-surgical liposuction.  This is another good reason for Santa Cruz residents contact Samaritan Plastic Surgery for the finest and most ethical plastic surgeon – Michael F. Killion, M.D.

Santa Cruz Tumescent Liposuction

Santa Cruz, California has more than 62,000 residents and is a city in and the County Seat of Santa Cruz County.  San Jose, home of Samaritan Plastic Surgery is 32 miles north of Santa Cruz.  Santa Cruz patients prefer our facility because of our remarkable and extraordinary staff of professionals.  Samaritan Plastic Surgery is seen as always meeting the needs of Santa Cruz patients at a price they can afford.  Ultrasonic liposuction is a sensible investment when Santa Cruz patients realize that it will improve their looks physically, but it will also enhance their emotional well-being, as well.  Santa Cruz patients know they can always rely upon us to help them determine what kind of liposuction is in their best interests.  Santa Cruz patients know that none other than Dr. Killion will be the one who will be taking care of them before, during and after their liposuction.

Santa Cruz Ultrasonic Liposuction

When patients have tumescent liposuction, which is the injection of fluid into the area being treated that helps prevent the loss of fluid during the liposuction process and makes it easier to remove the fatty deposits.  Commonly, previous patients are future patients because once they have been treated by our expert team of professionals, they will never consider going anywhere else for their liposuction.  Without exception, Dr. Killion and the incredible staff at Samaritan Plastic Surgery consider customer satisfaction as their highest priority.  No wonder patients have the utmost of confidence in Samaritan Plastic Surgery’s ability to take care of all of their vaser liposuction and laser liposuction needs.  When you are looking for the best in liposuction, you only need to know one name – Samaritan Plastic Surgery!  To discover more about our liposuction procedures, call us at: (408) 356-0491, today.

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