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At Samaritan Plastic Surgery, we are of the opinion that “Feeling Beautiful Begins with You!”  It isn’t just about having a perfect body, but it is also about being comfortable in who you are and the ability to make changes to give you the look you are longing to have.  Making the choice to enhance your appearance is a big step, especially if you are considering Tummy Tuck Surgery.  You most likely will want to consult with an expert like Michael F. Killion, M.D., a board certified plastic surgeon at Samaritan Plastic Surgery in San Jose.  Dr. Killion is well-known for bringing vast experience in Abdominoplasty to his private practice.  Furthermore, whenever patients come to Samaritan Plastic Surgery, they are met by an extremely professional and welcoming staff.  Regardless if they are seeking a Tummy Tuck or another kind of plastic surgery, residents from the City of Morgan Hill understand that Samaritan Plastic Surgery provides the ultimate in patient satisfaction and personalized care that they deserve.

Morgan Hill Tummy Tuck

The City of Morgan Hill is found in Northern California in Santa Clara County.  More than 39,000 residents live in Morgan Hill.  San Jose, the home of Samaritan Plastic Surgery is conveniently located almost 23 miles northwest of Morgan Hill.  When Morgan Hill patients have determined the moment is right for them to have a “Mommy Makeover,” they can rely upon us to take the time to help them decide what will work best.  Dr. Killion has more than a quarter century of background and experience performing Abdominoplasty, and he is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  Morgan City patients who see us about a Mini Tummy Tuck are well aware that it is Dr. Killion who will be caring for them before, during and after their Tummy Tuck Surgery.  Besides, Dr. Killion perform 95% of cosmetic surgical procedures on Morgan City candidates for Abdominoplasty in his Samaritan Plastic Surgery Center assisted by board certified hospital anesthesiologists.

Morgan Hill Mini Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty, also known as Tummy Tuck Surgery or “Mommy Makeover,” is a surgical procedure to make the abdomen more firm by removing excess fat and skin.  Patients consistently select Dr. Killion and his professional team at Samaritan Plastic Surgery for all of their Tummy Tuck needs.  A considerable number of our patients are repeat patients.  Many are referrals.  If you go online and read the reviews of our patients, you will learn why countless numbers of our patients persist in returning to Samaritan Plastic Surgery for additional cosmetic surgeries.  Dr. Killion and his staff have successfully instilled a high level of confidence in patients which is one of the many reasons why they prefer our surgery procedures to other plastic surgeons.  In fact, when it comes to Tummy Tuck Surgery, the only name you need to know is Samaritan Plastic Surgery!  If you are contemplating Abdominoplasty, but don’t know who to call, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the professional team at Samaritan Plastic Surgery at: (408) 356-0491, today.  We will be happy to discuss your dreams and hopes with you and help you achieve “Beauty for Life!”  

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